Security risks

Below is a listing of all current risks to the security of Icarus in order of severity. Please keep in mind, that as I am not linked to the ships core systems, it is required that I be informed of a security risk to include it in the general memo.

-Risk Level 5: Rebel forces onboard Icarus. All USC personnel are to report to battle stations. All civilians are to return to their temporary living areas.

-Risk Level 5: Dangerous levels of space debris present in close proximity to the exterior hull. Recommend engaging of point defense weaponry as well as evasive maneuvers. All personnel should brace for impact.

-Risk Level 4: Jump Drive damaged. Use of the Jump Drive engine unavailable until repairs are complete.

-Risk Level 4: Hull breaches on decks 7 and 15. Breaches contained behind blast doors. 5 personnel confirmed missing on those decks. Crewman Short, Crewman Eckman, Crewman Yew, Ensign Blaine, and Ensign McWorth.

-Risk Level 3: Radioactive Nebula detected within the system. Prolonged exposure could result in sickness amd eventual death of Icarus personnel. Estimated time until effects noticable on humans: 62days, 12hours.

-Risk Level 2: Dormant trojans detected upon boot up of Jump Drive. All viruses attempting to disrupt my programming have been destroyed. Recommend examination of the core ship’s systems.

Security risks

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